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<HoP> Active Members Clanlist (as of 18.07.2017)

Discussion in 'Welcome to House of Pain' started by Maestro, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. Maestro

    Maestro Sexy And Deadly Joker
    Staff Member Administrator S-Admin Tournament Management Clan Member

    Nov 16, 2015
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    <HoP> Founders

    KillEmAll (ScarZ)
    Snake.Uk (aKademiks)

    HoP> Current Clan Leadership


    <HoP> S-Admin's

    (exp) Maestro
    (exp) Storm
    (exp) Gun4Hire
    (exp) Itzcoatl
    (exp) KillEmAll

    (exp) Malina
    (exp) BlastorZ
    (exp) R*U*S

    Ego NL

    <HoP> Admin's


    <HoP> Clan Members



    <HoP> Trial Members

    *(exp) Means S-Admin with expanded duties who is considered being a part of HoP Management.

    ANY HoP member is considered inactive and placed in inactive members list automatically if member hadn't been to Gold Main server in two months.

    NB! Inactive members are never demoted or kicked out of the clan,- their ranks and position remain as soon as they become active again.

    NB! If a member was placed in inactive list he/she will have to notify HoP Management that he/she became active again, to be reinstated in this Active list above. Else it means a player can become AWOL at any moment again.

    As an act of good tone to your teammates we do STRONGLY advise our members to notify us in this topic linked below of their inactivity, but this is not mandatory as active/inactive list is completely automatically managed: http://houseofpainserver.co.uk/community/threads/members-inactive-notice.688/

    Via using @Snake.uK accepted form below:
    (*) next to player name means he/she hadn't been active for a month already.
    Last Updated 18.07.2017
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  2. Maestro

    Maestro Sexy And Deadly Joker
    Staff Member Administrator S-Admin Tournament Management Clan Member

    Nov 16, 2015
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    Promotional / Demotional / Kickout Policy
    1. HoP members are strictly prohibited from asking for their own promotions from anyone including S-Admins, Founders, Management or Leadership and it is considered very unethical! Those who OBJECTIVELY ask for promotion will never get it.

    2. HoP members are promoted based on a particular one Leader decisions who is responsible for promotions. Suggestions for promotions can only be given to that particular Leader by anyone. However this Leader holds the power of final decision. Also this Leader has an obligation to monitor, assess and promote worthy members in reasonable timeframes. The timeframes for any promotion are not specific.

    3. Demotions/Kickouts are to be handled extremely carefully and only when all the facts are objectively clear and known to the responsible Leader, without a reasonable doubt if a particular member was involved in a conduct detrimental to the clan to a degree that is irreversibly, systematically and/or blatantly damaging to the clan. In this case the Leader responsible can decide to either demote/kick the member out on his/her own merit or let any of the clan members be involved in the decision. Community members are also allowed to make such topics and reports of this conduct separately. In case if a reasonable doubt exists the member who was allegedly responsible for this conduct has to have a right to defend him/herself against the accusations in appropriate sections of the forums. However the Leader responsible for demotions still has to have overall understanding from other Leaders / Management and overall understanding from the community as a whole, as to not act rogue on demotions/kickouts.

    4. As an exception, but not a rule Promotional/Demotional/Kickout powers can be delegated from a responsible leader with goodwill to a member from the management, under his/her strict supervision!
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